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Hiroyuki Matsuhisa



Satvik Veena Player, Singer song writer, Guitar Teacher, Yoga practitioner

Hiroyuki Matsuhisa /松久 浩之

Hiroyuki Matsuhisa is a Japanese musician, singer and songwriter, specializing in classical Indian instruments and sounds. He studied the satvik veena, a rare instrument that combines the sitar and guitar, with its creators – Grammy-winning Hindustani classical instrumentalist Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and his son Salil Bhatt. Hiroyuki tours all over the world, actively collaborating with kirtan artists and other performers in many styles, genres, and disciplines. He has co-created with Yogis, dancer, and visual artists. Through the meditative tones and the elegant timbre of the satvik veena, Hiroyuki’s melodies underscore the preciousness of life and transmit a sense of peace and happiness

Hiroyuki has performed solo and accompanied others at concerts and festivals worldwide, including at the Korea Experimental Art Festival, Bali Spirit Festival,Thailand Yoga&Art Festival(in collaboration with Daphne Tse), China Maysore Yoga Culture Art Festival,Greece Sound and Silence Festival, and with Fujieda Mushimaru’s performance company Nongrata on their European tour in Germany, Sweden and Finland.
Joined the recording for CD with KIRTAN singer "Kevin James"


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